Christmas Eve
Lefkoşa (Nicosia).
Kumsal neighborhood, No: 2.
Single storey house.
It is arround 22.00
The weather is cold.
Door knocking is breaking slience of night.
Treacherous on the door.
Mürevvet hanım is turn off the light with rush. Hakan is sleeping in her arms. He is 10 months. She is entering to children room. She is taking Kutsi who is 4 years old. She is calling “Murat”. Murat is trying to wake up, he is big brother but 6 years old. They try to go to bathroom with absolute slience. They get in the bathtub.
They are waiting…
One minute…
Two minutes…
Three minutes…
Seconds turn as a century..
They are hearing a smash.
Windows is breaking.
Then foot sounds.
They kick the bathroom door.
3 Greeks, who want to EOKA (getting union with Greece).
They are shooting.
33 shots..

Mürüvvet hanım shoted from her head and 7 bullets more.
3 for Murat, 2 for Kutsi..
103 Turkish village were raided like that, then burned.
Turkish soldier, husband of Mürüvvet go to his home and saw them. He washed their body but he didn’t find bullet on Hakan. Because when his mother trying to defend him, he didn’t take breath.
Greeks create a battalion (military base). They wrote: “if you brave enough, come and take”.
Turks were stay 3% of island and they resist that kind of attacks.
European Union did nothing.
United States did nothing.
United Nations did nothing.
Greece, Russia, Saudi Arabia, İran, Chinese… NOTHING…
They Turkey say, we have to do something for them.
The made Peace Operation in 1974,
They created a battalion in same place.
And they wrote:
“you said, if you brave, come and take.
We are brave. We came and we took”.

Now?? They are saying “last chance for peace, if you will not accept the agreement, then your current situation will continue”. This is the what is saying for Turkish people in Cyprus. That means treat! Peace is using like a treat. If you will not accep, you will continue to face of with sanctions…

I tried to translate Yılmaz Özdil’s cloum writing[1].


What was their mistake? Being Turkish. Thats all.
Like Crimea, Hojalı, Uygur, Allepo, Bulgaria… If Turks live under the difficult circumstances; EU, US, BM will keep slient. But if they are not Turk or/and Muslim (specially if they are Christian) they will defend. They will pass some law against Turks such as quasi Armenian genoside… There isn’t in the archives, there isn’t court decision; even Armenian side didn’t go to international court about it; but for political purpose, governments pass the law against Turks.

And now, they are saying “it is the last chance for peace”. That means, they treat the Turks in Cyprus. This is last chance for you, if you will not accept, your situation will continue. However, South part’s government is not legitimate according to 1960’s agreement. As I said; EU, US, UN are keep their silent and condone that kind of situations…
Yes I support peace like everyone, but it should be in equal terms with equal conditions and Greek and Turkish part should respect eachothe


West is hypocrites…

You will drown in your hatred. You will drown in your racism, hypocrisy…

Soon or later, justice will be manifested.

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